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First hand experience is key to an authentic, and yet adventureous, approach. For me, extensive training, passion about new ingredients and dedication to the cause bring it to perfection.

That Certain Nothing

Each person who needs or chooses to rely on a GF or another food sensitive diet, should be able to enjoy the protection and the benefits of it as a new manifestation of a healthy and natural lifestyle – at home, at a restaurant and while traveling. We are living in a time and age, where food has turned into the most powerful medicine. As chefs, we are the agents of it.

The results are out of the box molecular baking secrets, brought to life, according to Dubai's leading culinary chefs. And our fine selection can't be found elsewhere. Finest GF products & their most considerate handling – with Glutenfree Academy at your side, ambition turns into professional action.


Planning for a special seasonal or conceptual event, or offering the finest products in a prestigeous hotel: Our baking classes & demonstrations are the perfect foundation when it comes to acquiring impeccable skills.



When it comes to defining moments, entering education at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality and Hotel Management in Dubai was such a one for me. I graduated in 2006. In 2011, encouraged by Michael Kitts, my honored teacher and Culinary Art Director at the university, I opened the first GF online store in Dubai. In 2016 I returned to Hamburg and founded, with my family, my own GF gourmet bakery,


A Different Style



A healthy nutrition, combined with wonderful treats for those affected by gluten sensitivty is just one chapter of conscious eating. 


  • The Gluten Free Academy is opening the door to true GF gourmet art – the freshly baked and healthy big brother to a pioneering industry of often not so healthy packed GF items. 

  • We would like your GF skills to become remarkable… so second nature to you that you even don't need to think about the preparation any more. 

  • We are offering finest glutenfree flour blends that suit any fine professional cuisine and – with the right technique – replace classic wheat flours seemlessly.

  • We are targeting for the GF pastry chef, who is solely responsible for this specific art; someone who is the well trained and reliable source person at her or his facility.

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