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Chef Katinka's brownies

Welcome to my life, my future GF fellow chefs! Very soon we will hopefully meet in person.

The idea  for the Gluten Free Academy was born in Dubai – the hub of Middle Eastern hospitality and entrepreneurship.

When I left for the UAE in 2001, immediately after graduating from high school in Hamburg, Germany, it was "a love at first sight" for this vibrant place of possibility.

At the beginning of my education, I didn't even know that I had celiac. No sign that all the pieces of the puzzle, put in one basket, would turn into cornerstones of my career around gluten intolerance and other food sensitivities. And ultimately, they have merged into my own company, FLOUR REBELS.  

Gluten free culinary art: so exiting a a field of business

You are either a
gluten free chef 
or you are not.
There is no "in between".

Gluten free culinary art means taming flour
Food innovation camp with GF bread and cookies

Gourmet for me – and for a rapidly growing community around the world – is not only about taste. It's about health, too. About food consciousness for the sake of our children. It's that COMING HOME FEELING, too. What I have eaten so far, as packed or even freshly baked gluten free, may have been acceptable for quite a while since there was no alternative. But now there is!

Yummy Licorice Brownie

Wanna Grow into  a GF Culinary Artist?

There was no proper teaching in hospitality management about the basic rules on how to handle, cook, bake and separate GF from the rest of what's going on in a commercial kitchen.

On how to make it taste delicious … preferably even more desirable than regular food. I wanted to be the first gluten free chef who combines it all. And I would love for you to join that true freedom.

We have founded the Gluten Free Academy, taking place at your facility, in order to provide knowledge, awareness, experience, opportunity and fun to a field that is still a great unknown – a different beast to tame, as Dubai located Chef Michael Kitts called it. If you would like to explore that world with us, give me a call!

Contact us for further information!

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