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Welcome to my life, my future GF fellow chefs! Very soon, I hope, we will meet in person.


The Gluten Free Academy has been founded in Dubai, the hub of Middle Eastern hospitality and entrepreneurship.

I left for the UAE 17 years ago, a love at first sight, immediately after graduating from high school in Hamburg, Germany.

It was September 11, 2001. Remember? Airports were closed, chances low to build a solid bridge between Hamburg and the Middle East. That's how the gluten free challenge began …


I didn't even know at that time that I had celiac. When I started my education, it didn't dawn to me that this was the cornerstone of why I am here now, executive chef of FLOUR REBELS in Hamburg, Germany. And that ends would meet some years down the line right here, right now.

You are either a gluten free chef, or you are not. There is no "in between".

Gourmet for me – and for a rapidly growing community around the world – is not only about taste. It's about health, too. What I have eaten so far as packed or even freshly baked gluten free may have been acceptable for quite a while since there was no alternative. It definitely got better. It also got safer. But still, the choices are poor instead of rich. And here we go!



There was no proper teaching in hospitality management about the basic rules on how to handle, cook, bake and seperate GF from the rest of what's going on in in a commercial kitchen. On how to make it taste delicious … preferably even more lovely than regular food. I wanted to be the first chef who combines it both. And I would love for you to join the encounter.

We have founded the Gluten Free Academy in order to provide knowledge, awareness, experience, opportunity and fun to a field that is still a great unknown – a different beast to tame, as Dubai located Chef Michael Kitts called it.

Contact us for further information!

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