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You might associate gluten free with a very complicated and unpleasantly dry diet. In fact, all fresh foods – as they grow naturally, except for some grains –, are actually naturally free of gluten!

Unfortunately, 90 % of all processed foods in cans, bottles, glas jars, bags, cartons or plastic cups, are not. And that means: They are full of gluten. It's literally the glue that holds the culinary world together… unnecessarily!

Gluten free baking and cooking are only part of the deal. Background knowledge is as much key to performance. Our extensive training stands for transforming the challenge into a major step of  health oriented and visionary culinary art: a mindful path to a new, young, sustainable food culture.


Why does it matter?

FOREVER forget the sentence: "For a gluten free dish, it didn't taste too bad". That's not the kind of memory you want to make. My ambition is, with the help of my personal experience, to turn a complicated diet into a beautiful gluten free home – even while eating outside!

Gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, and many others: The growing numbers of food sensitivities are heading towards 20 % of the population. Food distress is the result of nature going rampant about what has been done to it with monocultures, herbicides, genetic manipulation and many more.

Therefore, a considerate, innovative chef, hotel, restaurant or a distinguished industrial production will always be appreciated and fondly remembered by your guests and customers!

As gluten free chef, you van make a difference

Food Challenge

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Café, restaurant, business hotel or holiday place: Until today, even a gluten free booking is a challenge. Your guests need to rely on your expertise!

CELIAC DISEASE: One out of 100 people has celiac disease. A genetic mutation causes them to suffer severely, from head to toe, from anything that contains even the slightest trace of gluten. 

I was a child with undiagnosed celiac. That's why children and their health are a major concern for me. For them and their parents, I don't get tired of always creating new delights. The impact of what it meant to live gluten free only a few years ago, shall not hit present and future generations.

My goal for them is to come to a natural distinction between healthy and unhealthy food versus "I am ill and can't have what all my friends have".

Gluten free Tik Tok Cookies as a birthday theme
Mini baguettes: ieal for gluten free sandwiches

GLUTEN SENSITIVITY: The second group that matters to any type of hospitailty management, and industrial production is NCGS – non celiac gluten sensitivity. It affects 20 to 30 percent of the population throughout the world. That means: 2 to 3 out of ten customers who walk through your door, are affected.

Gluten sensitivity is much more prevalent than celiac. Plus: 95 % of either group are not aware of what their symptoms are about and in how many ways their health is at stake.

That is going to change fundamentally throughout the upcoming years – it started already. Both of the above are often related to at least one other food sensitivity, dairy being the most common.


WHEAT ALLERGY: The third version ist different and comparable to an allergy against i.e. nuts, pollen, or shellfish. The reaction is more immediate (and can be life threatening!). But other gluten containing grains like rye, barley or spelt are most likely tolerated (different from the first two groups mentioned above!).

Yet, you will cover all of the three by always avoiding ANY gluten or wheat starch in your designated GF kitchen arena, or production facility.

You would like to know how?

Contact us for further information!

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