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Culinary Classes

Beyond the art of handling your ingredients and turning them into masterpieces of culinary art, reach out for your own individual product development – either according to your regular bestsellers at your star hotel or restaurant, your individual customers needs, or your own inspiration

It will change your whole persepective on the gluten free market: Baking classes for beginners (Beginners GF Training), for advanced chefs (Advanced GF Training) and for master chefs (Master Chef GF training) will offer expertise,  andinspiration, know how, and expertise to you.

You will enjoy the experience of the academy as an asset that contributes to your professional portfolio, and career. It widens your culinary spectrum, and gives you safety in front of those who depend on your understanding and skills. You can always return to it, connect, improve what you have already learned, and get First Aid GF culinary support.


How can you re(de)fine your culinary art?

Our personalised trainings – for chefs, individuals, gourmets and groups – represent a wide spectrum, all things your heart – or customers – may desire.

Classes will often – but not only – take place at your own particular location, since the teaching starts at your work bench, and in order to avoid the traps of cross contamination for the future.


Baking Like a Flour Rebel


  • Level 1 – GF theory: getting to know gluten & other food sensitivties

  • Level 2 – beginners training: Practical GF Training 1

  • Level 3 – advanced training: Practical GF Training 2

  • Level 4 – master training: Practical GF Training 3 for master chefs

  • Level 5 – conceptual & seasonal special occasion trainings

  • Level 6 – individual product development for high end customers

  • Level 7 – marketing your acquired GF skills

For perfect baking results, enjoy our new gluten free flour blends. Heavenly artisan bread, crispy rolls, cakes & cookies, gourmet pizza: Enjoy the full FLOUR REBELS gourmet range !

Contact us for further information!

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