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There is no way on earth that you'll get remarkable, distinct gluten free results without the right flour blends. Because the wrong ones do all kinds of tricks: They stick to your teeth, crumble in your mouth, feel dry and awqward, smell strange, have a strong aftertaste. 

As my honored teacher Michael Kitts – a chef with over 40 gold medals for his cooking and baking skills – held it: "You'll only get out waht you put in in the first place."  When he and I worked together for the first time, even he, with his impeccable knowledge around food and handling, somehow managed to make the whole gluten free product in the oven disappear. Pouffff!

Flour Rebels flour blends allow for easy going do-it-yourself

Since I never found the quality in flour blends that I was looking for, I finally have created my own ones. They are the ones we are baking with ourselves; the ones I use in baking classes, the ones that work perfectly on a private or industrial level. I treasure them like gold, always in awe for their secrets.

Until this day and after 20 years of experience, my blends are still an exciting work in progress. In spite of the fact that they already create fabulous results, in the world that I know of improvement is always possible.

Bread requires a different mix than pizza or pasta or cakes or cookies or croissants. Once you have the basics, once you are able to distinguish which potato flour works well with which corn starch or buckwheat or millet or linseed – and there are hundreds of possibilities for each single one! – they lay out the foundation for more flavors, natural ones, of course; nothing artificial! 

Zen Like Science

It's a zen like science: Without patience, your trash can will turn into your most frequented companion. That's why we have built our gluten free trainings on four prerequisites:

  1. the right flour blends

  2. the right recipes

  3. the right techniques

  4. the right equipment

If you skip one, you'll skip all the others.


Chef Katinkas Pasta Class.png

We're talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Elon Musk building rockets to Mars… but you hardly get a simple delicious, crispy gluten free roll or decent bread or hand made pasta in any given fine dine or 5-star-hotel? Seriously?   
As a guest, I see no point in paying the same price for terrible food that you wouldn't even feed to your enemy. But that's exactly what happens way too often. There is also no point for industrial productions to exude a smell, taste and/or texture that you would never accept if you weren't forced to. Change starts with our flour power. Here and now.

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