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gluten free pretzel rolls

We are living in a time and age, when food has turned into the most powerful medicine. As chefs, we are the agents of it.

First hand experience is key to an authentic, and yet adventurous, approach to professional gluten free baking & cooking.


In our GF classes, we are revealing out of the box molecular baking secrets, brought to life. Our own fine selection at FLOUR REBELS can't be found elsewhere, according to Dubai's leading culinary chefs. Finest GF products & their most considerate handling – with our personal training units, ambition will be transformed into professional knowledge.  


Whether it's planning for a special seasonal or conceptual event, or offering the finest products in a prestigious hotel: Our culinary teachings lay out the perfect foundation when it comes to acquiring impeccable GF skills.

GF quiche with leek



When it comes to defining moments,

entering my education at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality and Hotel Management in Dubai was such a one. I graduated in 2006.

In 2011, encouraged by Chef Michael Kitts, my honored teacher and Culinary Art Director at the academy, I opened the first gluten free online store in Dubai.

In 2014, I founded my own GF Bakery.
First and Business Class of Emirates Airlines, the Jumeirah Group Hotels, The Palace in Abu Dhabi, Moevenpick, The JW Marriott, Cafés and restaurants became my immediate customers.
People with gluten intolerance travelled from Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Libanon, Northern Africa to Dubai for our products.

In 2016, I returned to Hamburg and founded, as a family enterprise, our GF gourmet bakery,

Apart from private customers, we are delivering our FLOUR REBELS product line to Germany's finest hotels and restaurants and, since Day 1, to all of AIDA's cruise ships.


In 2022, we have translated our fine artisan collection into careful industrial manufacturing. In order to loose none of our quality standards, It requires our cautiously designed flour blends, specific equipment for mixing and baking, and the training of our particular manufacturing techniques, in order to come up with the same stunning
GF results.

Michael Kitts and Katinka Reichelt.jpg

Feel Gluten Free

Each person who needs or chooses to rely on a GF or another food sensitive diet, should be able to enjoy the protection and the benefits of it, as a new manifestation of a healthy and natural lifestyle – at home, at a restaurant or while traveling. They all depend on YOU.

  • Our natural gluten free flour blends suit any fine professional cuisine and – with the right technique – replace classic wheat & other gluten containing flours seamlessly. 

  • We are sourcing our knowledge to those who would like to become the well trained and reliable key person, in terms of food sensitivities, at her or his facility.

  • Our Gluten Free Training is opening the door to serious GF gourmet art – the freshly baked and healthy coming home feeling to the often not so healthy and often notorious GF industry.

    Contact us for further information!

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