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Gluten Free Artificial Intelligence

If Artificial Intelligence (AI) is as clumsy in imitating human intelligence, as all the hardcore gluten free recipes are pretty much helpless in imitating real bread or real pasta or real cake & cookies, then I am not concerned that true spirit will prevail and that I can stay in the gluten free business without AI throwing any useful recipes into the market.

WAIT…, actually I AM concerned.

Because some more years down the line, we may have ultimately stopped thinking for ourselves. Tasting for ourselves. Given in to what others consider as "good enough" for us, particularly in the food industry.

It could mean that our gluten craving brains are dusted into oblivion, and our own intelligence and taste buds and sense of smell and texture became obsolete. That our common sense, about what tastes and feels like nice food, would be – again – heavily compromised… through new food trends from Frankenstein's laboratory. Because that's where the genetically modified, protein boostered wheat originally came from.

The world believed it would finally end famine. Instead, it accelerated obesity and celiac disease. And put our ability to distinguish the real deal from 'fake news' in our mouth (or our brain) somehow to rest!

Rather deep cleaning the complete kitchen three times a day…

What sells today as gluten free is still way too often an offense. Something no one would seriously want to eat if their life wouldn't depend on it. At least for now. That's the incredible mark that the industry has way to much given in to..

If that wasn't true, no family with one or more gluten sensitive people would ever comprehend the diet as a sacrifice. Nobody would rather clean the kitchen several times a day than eat that gluten free stuff. Instead of being able, to enjoy good GF food – TOGETHER.

In the beginning, when I presented my products, chefs in hotel kitchens started sighing: "Ohh, another woman with those dry breads..."

Kicking the ball into the future, AI, so tech experts predict, will be thoughtfully thinking and sensing computer programs that will make you believe you have swallowed proper information (or true food).

Tech guru Elon Musk is pretty concerned about what that's going to unleash! At Tucker Carlson's former Fox show, his dark prediction of an AI point of no return was 2023.

Can our stomach get brainwashed?

Frances Haugen's bestseller The Power of One gives you a little insight about the consequences of that type of brainwashing in her whistleblowing book on Facebook and Cambridge Analytics. Which might be owed to the fact that she has celiac. Which, if you want to survive it, sets you up for rather asking 20 times too much than simply believing what others – in her case Facebook – wanted to make her and the rest of the world believe.

As far as gluten free or any other allergy sensitive diets are concerned, you might be able to talk your brain into a lot of things. But you can't cheat on taste buds. Not yet. You have a gut feeling, and the chemistry of it is directly connected to your brain. You still have the choice to use it. BAD IS BAD.

Although… in yoghurt you can already find chopped wood, flavored like raspberries, thanks to certain chemicals. Or citric acid on the ingredients list: It makes you think you're dealing with fresh lemon juice for preservation, while in reality it's Aspergillus niger – a pretty dangerous black fungus. Not kidding.

That means, in terms of gluten free that one day, you might just have to fill the smell of a wheat roll or gluten soaked cookies or pasta into bottles and sprinkle it over any trash gluten free food.

Before that happens, please: Wake up your CIS, as in Culinary Intellegence Spirits, and rather join my very real baking classes!!!

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