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When The Truth Hits…

… it usually hits you hard. You stay in a nice hotel. You go to a lovely restaurant. You just want to grab lunch. You wait at the airport. What you get as a person on a gluten free diet is either nothing, or something completely ridiculous. "How about rice with broccoli?", was my first encounter with the 5-Star-hotel understanding of a tempting gluten free offer. That was 10 years ago. We waited for 2 hours. When "the dish" finally arrived, we were half asleep and the food was semi cold. To answer your question: Still.


The thing is, when you book a nice Hotel and you ask for gluten free options, you usually get a big smile and a passionate YES! When it comes to your breakfast buffet on the first morning after arrival, more often than not you are faced with two crumbly slices of (burned) bread and a dry croissant (if you're lucky). Or your bread is steamed in a plastic bag. For the same all inclusive price as the 20 meter long buffet with 15 different choices of bread and rolls and fresh waffles.

It is getting better. And yet, it has nothing to do with what all the other guests can eat.

From that moment on, you're wondering, if your pasta is truly gluten free. Where your pizza has been baked.If there is regular flour in your sauce. Or why their is a crispy waffle on your ice cream desert, after you explicitly said, that you can't eat that. Someone decided that people with food sensitivities are just too sensitive. That's one way how you can hold it. It's not mine. In times where you can fly to the moon and grow meet in a lab – of from soy – it should be possible to get a decent piece of bred or sandwich or meal where ever I go.

Here's some help.

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